The NFL Delivery
ESPN – Africa DDB – 2016

We turned pizza delivery guys into new media.

Football is the most popular sport in Brazil. How can we capture the public's attention to start a conversation about American Football? To announce their exclusive NFL broadcasting rights, ESPN decided to create an OOH campaign. During the weekend, we changed pizza delivery bikers' helmets for authentic NFL ones.

Case Film

The pizzas were delivered to sports fans. Anonymous or famous.


CCO Sérgio Gordilho
CD Jeferson Rocha, Felipe Gall
Copywriter Gabriel Lepesteur
Art Director Theo Cardinali, Linus Oura
Account Team Celina Esteves, Juliana Araujo, Beatriz Mandel Pedrosa, Mariana Ruschi, Nathalia Del Moral
Director Pedro Miguel