When everyone was talking about likes, Samsung foresaw a trend.

Client: Samsung
Role: Concept, Copywriting
Year: 2019

Generation Z is defining a new era of influence and creative communication, using visual tools to become the expressive staple of the digital era. 56% of Gen Zers use social apps to express themselves creatively. How can Samsung talk to them without sounding like a boomer? We decided to create a hyper-connected movement. We came up with a bold new concept for social media: #ItsNotAboutLikes.

From 2019 on, we set it up across Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook with activations and original content, working closely with athletes, artists and creators. We gave them the expectation and the means to always be creative and bring out the best in their personality, regardless of the likes they're going to get. To cap it all off, in July 2019, Instagram proved we were in the right direction when they decided to ditch the like count from their posts.



Agency: Leo Burnett São Paulo
ECD: Wilson Mateos
CD: Vinicius Stanzione, Pedro Utzeri
Copywriter: Gabriel Lepesteur, Rondon Fernandes, Gabriel Lisboa
Art Director: Eric Fernando, Thiago Strelow, Gabriel Marcondes

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